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Porea Communication Design has, throughout our history, volunteered a portion time each year to help a wide variety of non-profit organizations with any number of initiatives. From brand identity, to websites, events, collateral, social media and much more, we very strongly believe in giving our time and services to organizations we feel passionately about. Check out a few examples below.


* (Note: Some examples reflect past work and may not reflect each group's current branding.)

Blue Hub

Our most recent pro bono project involved working with the political startup, Blue Hub, to create an identity system that easily and thoughtfully represents the group's goal of providing physical and virtual meeting space to support and elect Democratic candidates at all levels of government. 

blue hub shirt.jpg

Human Rights Campaign

The HRC identity was a project we worked on many years ago. The LGBTQ-rights organization approached the team we were on at the time to modernize the group's identity, not simply in terms of the way it looked, but more importantly, in the message of equality the mark conveyed. The metaphor of the equal sign, which was a new notion in the world of equality-focused organizations, has since become the go-to standard for state and national equal rights organizations — and even became a worldwide social media meme during the marriage equality debate, eliciting postings from millions of everyday supporters, as well as celebrities like Beyoncé, Ricky Martin and Padma Lakshmi. When Beyoncé posts your logo, you know it's something special.

Screen Shot 2020-09-15 at 2.41.41 PM.png

A few examples of the runaway popularity of the modified HRC logo during the marriage equality debate. The team at HRC created a red version of the logo, signifying love, while people and corporations around the world created and modified and posted their own versions of the logo on social media, sparking widespread support for, and awareness of, the movement.

hrc red.jpg
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