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Work (and Gratitude) in the Time of Cholera

Updated: May 27, 2020

Here we are. In the third month of the global Covid-19 pandemic and so much has changed in our world. Shelter in place. Work from home. Social distancing (who ever dreamt that term would even be a term?) Face masks and the surprising American political tribalism they have engendered. Zoom everything. Quarantinis. Virtual choirs. Shortages on everything from toilet paper to hand sanitizer to bicycles. And most devastatingly, the staggering, grim case count and death toll.

But some things haven’t changed. Chief among those is our very real and very human need to communicate — with friends and loved ones, with our medical providers, with our grocers, with our employers and employees and with the companies that that keep our internet humming, our water flowing, our electricity buzzing and our phones phoning. And we, as a professional design and communication services provider, need to stay in touch with our clients to make sure they have everything they need right now to be successful in every way.

On that last point, I'd like to use this space to thank all of the clients who have worked with Porea Communication Design over the years. We're so fortunate to have partnered with some truly amazing and inspiring clients and teams — and our gratitude for that is immense. Currently, some clients have had to put off projects and payments by many months. Understood. Some have had to cancel projects altogether. Got ya. Others have kept moving along, knowing that there are some communication initiatives that must keep developing, strategizing, designing and launching. (For those, we are particularly grateful.) We’ve heard from many of our clients that they need to focus on other important Covid-related initiatives right now, but that they will look forward to picking back up with us when they can. We totally understand and respect that and, likewise, will very much look forward to doing the same.

When life and work get back to normal, whatever that may actually look like, we can't wait to reconnect with you — and resume our work, our relationships, our friendships, our design and our communications. And, hopefully, we can take the lessons we're learning right now and move to a future in which we continue being more kind to one another, showing more respect to the people who keep us fed, safe and healthy and taking stock of how incredibly grateful we are for the time we have together.

Hugs (someday),


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