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Hi there.

Updated: Oct 5, 2017

Welcome to the brand-new and our nifty little blog, Poquito. This is a place where we can post fun, entertaining, enlightening, thought-provoking, industry-related and totally not industry-related bits and bobs.

We've found that both in our work life and our day-to-day personal worlds, it's important to have, and share, one's perspectives on things. By letting people know your points of view on matters both weighty and trivial, you give your readers a glimpse into who you really are and what you really think and stand for. And we all love knowing real people, as opposed to manicured, tidied up, Photoshopped images of folks.

While most of the posts on Poquito will be design and communications industry related, they won't necessarily all be. We'll try to refrain from political matters (ummm, we said try), but we live in a particularly frought and polarized time, where seemingly everything in the news ellicits strongs reactions from every side of an issue or topic. That means there may well be some ideas, beliefs, notions or opinions that you don't agree with. And that's great. Seriously. Please feel free to engage us by signing up and letting your POV be known either by adding a comment or dropping us a line.

Be Inspired

We hope the posts you find here will make you think, make you act, make you take a second look, make you wonder, make you wander, make you smart(er) and above all, make you smile.

Thanks for stopping by.

Talk to you soon!

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Nov 16, 2017

This looks FANTASTIC!!!! Love all the brightness.<3


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